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Simulation Center Staff

Mark Goldstein - Senior Director, Simulation and Technology

Mr. Goldstein was the architect behind the development and implementation of the FAU Simulation Center at the College of Medicine. Under his direction, the Simulation Center acquired a State of Florida Grant to build the initial Center. Working with Palm Healthcare Foundation, he secured another grant to develop the northern Center at the Palm Healthcare Pavilion. Since 2005, Mr. Goldstein has been responsible for the implementation of the medical scenarios utilized in the cases. He has successfully negotiated with local area hospitals, residency programs and first responders to enlarge the stakeholders utilizing the facilities at the FAU Clinical Skills Simulation Centers.

George Luck, M.D. - Director, Professional Education

Dr. Luck has been responsible for the medical cases that are implemented in the Simulation Centers. He has taken the lead to develop, implement, evaluate and revise scenarios and protocols for the simulation activities. He has served as a preceptor for the participants in training, and records and analyzes the feedback from the sessions. Dr. Luck brings extensive experience as an Anesthesiologist and Palliative Care physician to the Center. He is an Associate Professor of Integrated Medical Science faculty at FAU College of Medicine.

David Sandau - Program Manager Mollie Wilmot Pavilion Simulation Center

Mr. Sandau has over 25 years of experience in disaster and emergency response management. He has been an Emergency Medical Paramedic, has served as a military HAZMAT Team leader, and was the Emergency Response Coordinator for several locations, including Broward County Florida. Mr. Sandau has played a direct role in building the FAU Simulation Center into the State-of-the-Art Center it is today. Mr. Sandau is currently responsible for the simulation activities at the Palm Healthcare Pavilion Mollie Wilmot Center. He coordinates all of the training, including the logistics for each session as well as preparing the mannequins as required (including Moulage). He is certified as an instructor for ACLS, PALS, and BLS.

Sindiana Echeverri – Program Manager Boca Raton Clinical Skills Simulation Center

Ms. Echeverri, MPS, RN brings years of experience in Acute Care Emergency Department in Level 1 Cardiac Center and Comprehensive Stroke Center. She also brings community health experience as an EMT-Paramedicfor over 20 years. Ms. Echeverriis responsible for the simulation activities at the Boca Raton Research Park Center. She coordinates all of the training, including the logistics for each session from preparing the mannequins as required (including Moulage) to scheduling all of the facilitators. She works with the appropriate program directors to establish the learning objectives for each event. She is certified as the Training Center Coordinator for the CSSC as well as an instructor for ACLS, PALS, and BLS.

Gloria Fuentes - Assistant Director, Clinical Skills Simulation Center, Operations

Mrs. Fuentes has been with the simulation center for over 10 years and brings over 20 years of business, administrative, and organizational experience to the CSSC. Mrs. Fuentes is responsible for operational, administrative and financial details, some of which include payroll, accounts payable, invoicing, and data analysis of expenses and revenues. She also is responsible for the training schedules for both centers, with thousands of hours of simulated patient training occurring each year.

Adjunct Instructors

The FAU Simulation Center employs numerous adjunct instructors that are experienced paramedics, nurses, and physicians to assist in the development and facilitation of the Simulation cases.

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