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Psychiatry Residency Curriculum/Didactics


Internal Medicine Boot Camp – Summer

Faculty: Internal Medicine Chiefs and Faculty

Internal medicine is foundational for all physicians.  With this in mind, our PGY-1 residents, along with the PGY-1 Internal Medicine residents, complete the Internal Medicine Boot Camp at the start of the training year.

Weekly for 120 minutes for 4 weeks.

Orientation Seminar – The Crash Course – Summer

Faculty: Dr. Demner

Seminar covers the basic elements to transition from medical student to psychiatric resident. Key topics include the psychiatric interview, diagnosis, documentation, and practical psychopharmacology. Includes an overview of systems and levels of care, the mental health team, and collaboration with non-psychiatric professionals.  

Weekly for 120 minutes for 5 weeks.

Foundations of Psychiatry and Principles of Assessment 1

Faculty: Drs. Goldman and Rose  

Topics include integrative neurobiological development, overview of the neurological/psychiatric interface, geriatric psychiatry, advanced interviewing, differential diagnosis, DSM 5, neurologic examination, neuroimaging, EEG, neuropsychological testing, genetic assessment and substance use disorders.

Weekly for 120 minutes for 30 weeks.

Models of the Mind 1 – Foundations and Formulation 

Faculty: Dr. Goldman

The clinical formulation is the cornerstone of our field. It provides the crucial framework for understanding patients, directing our interventions and monitoring our work. This course introduces models of understanding crucial to developing this critical skill. 

Weekly for 120 minutes for 6 weeks.

Crash Course for Rising 2s 

Faculty: Drs. Demner and Rose

These lectures will prepare the residents for their rotations on the Consultation-Liaison and Psychiatric Emergency Department services, additional responsibilities on the Inpatient Service and At-Home Night Call.  

Weekly for 120 minutes for 6 weeks.



Foundations of Psychiatry 2 

Faculty: Drs. Rose, Beattie, Goldman and Elliott

Topics include Cognitive, Somatic, Dissociative, Sleep, Personality, Psychotic and Addiction Disorders; an introduction to Child Psychiatry; Neuroscience and Forensics.  Topics in personal and professional development will be interspersed throughout the course.  

Weekly for 120 minutes for 26 weeks.

Models of the Mind 2 – Depth and Breadth

Faculty: Dr. Demner  

This seminar focuses on the complexities and historical contributions to our current understanding of various models of the mind with emphasis on the psychodynamic/psychoanalytic model of the mind dating back to Sigmund Freud’s initial theories, the variations, and derivations thereof.

Weekly for 120 minutes for 14 weeks.

History of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Overview

Faculty: Dr. Elliott

This seminar begins with a review of the history of Psychiatry as the foundation for our field. Building upon this foundation it will explore how this has led to our understanding of and best practices for psychotherapeutic interventions.    

Weekly for 120 minutes for 6 weeks. 

Crash Course for Rising 3s 

Faculty: Drs. Beattie and Elliott

These lectures will prepare the residents for their rotations on the Outpatient Child/Adolescent and Adult Services.

Weekly for 120 minutes for 6 weeks.


PGY-3  & PGY-4

Advanced Topics – PGY-3’s/PGY-4’s and Combined PGY-3/4’s

Faculty: Drs. Rose, Goldman, Demner, Beattie, Elliott and Darling

Combined topics include Ethics, Neuroscience, Forensics, Sexuality, Substance Abuse and Neuro-modulation.

Weekly for 120 minutes for 30 weeks.


PGY – 3 Topics Only

Child Development – Dr. Goldman

An overview of the critical developmental knowledge for our field.

Weekly for 120 minutes for 5 weeks.

Public Psychiatry – Dr. Elliot

Weekly for 120 minutes for 2 weeks.

Resident as Teacher/Administrator – Staff

Preparation for a work as a chief resident and beyond.

Weekly for 120 minutes for 4 weeks.


PGY – 4 Topics Only

Transition to Practice/Integration Seminar – Staff

An overview seminar focusing on the tasks of transitioning to the next steps from residency. It will provide the foundational knowledge necessary from building your CV to interviewing, job searches,   setting up a practice and everything in between

Weekly (intermittently) for 120 minutes for 8 weeks.

Board Prep – Staff

Weekly for 120 minutes for 10 weeks at the end of the PGY 4 year. 


PGY 3 and 4 Year Combined. Alternate years 

Addiction Psychiatry – Dr. Demner

Critical Overview of the addiction psychiatry field

Weekly. 120 minutes for 5 weeks.

Neuroscience – Drs. Beattie, Elliot

In depth course on the neuroscience underpinnings of our field.

Weekly 120 minutes for 12 weeks.

Advanced Psychopharmacology/Neuromodulation – Drs. Elliot, Darling, Demner

Building upon the resident’s basic pharmacologic knowledge this course will take their understanding to the next level including what happens when “Evidenced Based” practice fails.  It will include detailed presentations on the neuromodulation interventions (ECT/TMS).

Weekly 120 minutes for 12 weeks.

Advance Psychotherapy – Staff

This seminar builds upon the foundational experiences and knowledge of the residents in the individual therapies and extends it to other contexts. It covers manualized therapies, dialectical behavior therapy, advanced topics in psychodynamic treatment, and couple, family, and group therapies.  

Weekly 120 minutes for 12 weeks.



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