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Medical Student Rotations 

Emergency medicine electives are directed by board certified emergency physicians who have completed fellowships in various sub-specialties. Core faculty members work at Bethesda Hospital East, which sees 58,000 patients per year and Delray Medical Center, which sees 42,800 patients per year. Attending physicians will evaluate students during each shift worked; those evaluations will be combined into one inclusive evaluation completed by the Medical Student Director.

All rotations offer medical students a challenging experience in various aspects of emergency medicine. Rotations may be 2 or 4 weeks long and are offered throughout the academic year.

PREREQUISITES: Medical students only; must have successfully passed the USMLE Step 1 exam.


Emergency Medicine Elective

Description: This rotation offers medical students a challenging clinical experience in emergency medicine with a broad range of clinical pathology, in a closely supervised environment. The student will work ten 8-12 hour shifts when rotating for four weeks and five 8-12 hours shifts when rotating for two weeks, some of which must be at night. Students attend a five-hour didactic conference each week at Bethesda Hospital East.

Objectives: Students will learn the basics of emergency medicine with one-on-one instruction from board certified attending physicians. Students will be exposed to history taking and physical exams. They will determine a diagnosis and plan of treatment for each patient. The importance of work ethic and interpersonal skills will be emphasized.

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