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Alexander Busko, MD, MPH

Medical School:  University of Miami
Undergraduate:  University of Georgia; University of Miami MPH
Hometown:   Atlanta, GA
Field of interest:
  Cardiac arrest and critical care
Hobbies:  fishing, exercising, reading, dogs
Why FAU?  I moved to south Florida after college and fell in love with the weather and living on the beach. Was super impressed with how friendly and easy going the faculty were on interview day and liked the idea of a residency where you’re on a first name basis with your attendings. 
Something about me:  Math and science were my least favorite subjects in high school. I went to college to be a writer, but switched my major from journalism to cellular biology and never looked back.


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Zachariah Hatoum, MD

Medical School:  George Washington University School of Medicine
Undergraduate:  University of Maryland, B.S. Finance
Hometown:   Washington, DC
Field of interest:
  Community EM, Administration
Hobbies:  Traveling, Soccer
Why FAU?  Amazing faculty, great clinical exposure, opportunity to shape the program


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Mohsin Khan, DO

Medical School:  Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate:  Florida International University
Hometown:  Miami, FL
Field of interest:
  Critical care
Hobbies:  Traveling, playing basketball/football, watching movies, playing video games
Why FAU?  FAU allows me to work and learn at an institution that is new and growing with academic faculty and staff that are very invested in our education. The area has plenty to offer including multiple hospital sites which have their own unique characteristics and pathology. The ability of being close to the beaches and enjoying warm weather year-round is a plus as well. Also, I completed internal medicine residency at FAU before I started emergency medicine residency.


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Danielle Klein, MD

Medical School:  FAU Schmidt College of Medicine
Undergraduate:  University of Florida
Hometown:  Gainesville, FL
Field of interest:
  Difficult airways, post-intubation sedation
Hobbies:  OrangeTheory, eating, being a wife and mom
Why FAU?  Loved my medical school experience and wanted to stay in South Florida
Something about me:  I’m an avid runner, have completed multiple half marathons and 5Ks.


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Zuheir Mirza, MD

Medical School:  University of South Florida
Undergraduate:  University of South Florida
Hometown:  Orlando, FL
Field of interest:
  Emergency Medicine
Hobbies:  Reading, eating, general loafing about
Why FAU?  EM faculty seemed genuinely involved with residents
Something about me:  I’m proficient at winking with both eyes


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Anabelle Taveras, MD

Medical School:  University of Illinois
Undergraduate:  University of South Florida BS Finance
Hometown:  Miami, FL
Field of interest:
  Emergency Medicine 
Hobbies:  Spending time with family, fishing, food
Why FAU?  Rotated here as a student, loved the small class and the family feel
Something about me:  Medicine is my second career


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Sean Argo, MD, MS

Medical School:  USF Morsani College of Medicine
Undergraduate:   University of South Florida
Hometown:  Rockledge, FL
Field of interest:  Emergency Medicine
Hobbies:  Reading, gaming, spending time with friends and family
Why FAU:  The faculty and leaving my footprint on a new program
Something about you:  I grew up watching shuttle launches and want to go into space someday

carracedo headshot

Damien Carracedo, MD

Medical School:  FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine
Undergraduate:  Microbiology and Cell Science from the University of Florida
Hometown:  Miami, FL
Field of interest:  Emergency Medicine
Hobbies:  Beer brewing 
Why FAU:  Interested in new emergency medicine programs
Something about you:  Boarded in Internal Medicine

klein headshot

Jeffrey Klein, MD

Medical School:  FAU College of Medicine
Undergraduate:  BS in Nutrition from the University of Florida
Hometown:  Gainesville, FL
Field of interest:  Emergency Medicine
Hobbies:  Fitness
Why FAU:  Excellent Attending to Resident Ratio

mazer headshot

Benjamin Mazer, MD

Medical School:  Medical College of Georgia
Undergraduate:  Pomona College
Hometown:  Atlanta, GA
Field of Interest:  Critical care in the Emergency Department
Hobbies:  Cooking, painting, exercising, photography
Why FAU:  I wanted to be part of a new program so that I could help mold the program in the best interest of future residents
Something about me:  Fun fact? I was nearly killed as a baby during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in San Francisco. Random detail? I have three miniature dachshunds.

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Daniel Parks, DO, PA-C

Medical School:  Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate:  Pennsylvania College of Technology - Physician Assistant
Hometown:  Williamsport, PA
Field of interest:  Emergency Medicine
Hobbies:  Basketball, snowboarding, playing the drums, exercise/weight lifting
Why FAU:  I found the core faculty to be motivated and inspiring. They have a vision and hold ideals that are similar to my own. I also love that it’s located in South Florida on the beach. I wanted to train in a community hospital type setting. FAU gives you the opportunity to work in a community hospital meanwhile giving ample exposure to a level 1 trauma center, comprehensive stroke center, STEMI centers, pediatric hospital, OB hospital and more.
Something about me:   I have been working in the ED in some capacity (ED PA, resident, and now almost attending) since 2010. I truly enjoy emergency medicine. I’m happily married with two wonderful sons! I love to spend time with friends and family.

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Matthew Wallace, MD

Medical School:  Ross University School of Medicine
Undergraduate:  Florida State University
Hometown:  Davie, FL
Field of Interest:  Community Emergency Medicine
Hobbies:  Golf, Classic Cars, Homebrew Beer, Sports
Why FAU:  FAU is very near my hometown which sparked my interest, however I was really drawn to the burgeoning program with a family like atmosphere.
Something about me:  I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful kids who keep me busy outside of the hospital. Prior to Emergency Medicine, I completed an Internship in General Surgery, as well as an Internal Medicine Residency at FAU, with the goal of becoming dual boarded.


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